Black Line Soap dispenser CA203BK

    Round Soapdispenser
  • From highly clean-lined and square to elegant round designs: our soap dispensers match all kitchens and all styles.
  • ⌀ 25 mm cut-out
  • Including soap bottle
  • Black Line
  •  Maintenance advice for stainless steel soap dispenser
    • Stainless steel soap dispensers are only suitable for PH-neutral soap. Other kinds of soap may affect the protective coating, causing the product to rust anyway.
    • Caressi recommends cleaning the soap dispenser with a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches.
    • Diluting the soap with 1/3 water will lower the pressure on the pump, reducing the chance of blockages caused by the soap drying out.
    • Clean the soap dispenser with warm water on a monthly basis in order to remove dried-on soap residues.
    • In order to retain the guarantee, do not take the soap dispenser apart but remove the pump from the base.

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